Arthroscopy and Sports Medicine Fellowship


The Sports Clinic offers a one year Arthroscopic Joint Disorders and Sports Medicine fellowship to qualified orthopaedic applicants, from August 1st to July 31st.  The program focuses on clinical assessment and patient management skills, as well as developing the operative arthroscopic and open shoulder surgical skills.


This program is accredited by the Arthroscopy Association of North America, and prepares the fellow for solo or group practice with a shoulder emphasis.


Unique to this program is the scheduled attendance at multiple nationally known meetings on both arthroscopic surgery and sports medicine, anticipating the fellow to attend at least eight such meetings during the fellowship.  Additional educational opportunity is offered through the Southern California Fellowship Series, a local series of sports specialty meetings, frequently involving cadaver tissue labs here in the area.  This series is coordinated by Bert Mandelbaum, MD and should not be missed.


The Sports Clinic Orthopaedic Medical Associates, Inc. offers an annual course on Shoulder Surgery Controversies, in which the fellow is expected to participate.  Learning in a one on one environment for an entire year offers the fellow the chance to actually follow a patient for many months to determine the expected clinical course and outcome of the treatment. Training is offered in office management, billing and coding, as well as one on one instruction in the correct formatting and content of Workers’ Compensation reports.


Scheduled sports program coverage includes both on the field experience as well as a year round training room experience.  This one-on-one teaching extends to the weekly MR session, wherein the fellow will read multiple extremity MR scans with a musculoskeletal radiologist to learn the correct clinical interpretation of extremity MR Scans.


Surgical skills are taught and refined in the operating room, two days a week, with the goal of becoming an accomplished shoulder arthroscopist at the end of the fellowship.


This program is based in Laguna Hills, California, close to Laguna Beach and Dana Point, California,  Sixty miles south of Los Angeles, this community is home to year round sports activities, which provide ample opportunity to the fellow to participate in his selected vocation.


Applications must be received by December 31 each year, and the interview process typically occurs between January 1st and January 25th each year.



Online Fellowship Application


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